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25 Lake Avenue, LancasterNY 14086, USA

Our dedicated office staff are always ready to assist in any way they can: Katie Anderson, Krista Hitzel and Erin Sullivan

The class sizes are limited and include the appropriate number of assistants, so that all students get the attention they need to learn.  This group of dedicated and enthusiastic assistants include:

Emily Aldrich, Emily Bissett, Abby Gammel, Matilda Haun, Joyce Hunziker, Amelia Stack and Erin Sullivan

Our talented faculty specializes in several forms of dance.

Miss Barb

Miss Suzi

We are fortunate to have the following very creative teachers on staff:

Katie Anderson, Sara Bucci, Sam Burning, Michael Hitzel, Jaela Matthews, Laurie Oravec, Briana Scanzuso, and Kelsey Stempien-Quinn

The Barb Denny's Studio of Dance Arts has been teaching people to dance since it opened 1980. 

The goal of Miss Barb and Miss Suzi is to create a safe and welcoming environment where their students can learn the art of dance.  Equally important, they learn how to be supportive and caring to their fellow students in the homelike environment of the studio.

We encourage family participation at Barb Denny's.  Whether it is at a studio party, painting on prop day or watching their favorite dancer take class, family and friends are all a part of the experience. 

Our approach has proven to be very successful resulting in well-rounded, talented dancers that have gone on to be professional performers and teachers.

Miss Barb and Miss Suzi are members of Dance Master of America and are on faculty for their national conventions.


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